Castle Garden Spa

The Thermal bath of Papa offers relaxation and healing for all ages throughout the whole year.


In the Bakony region, which is nearby, there are many hiking and sightseeing places to visit. Attractions include natural treasures and architectural masterpieces as well. Its natural attractions provide a perfect place to relax.

Cuha Valley (Bakonyvasút Cuha Valley)

The railway line crosses the Bakony region and it connects the closed settlements of the Bakony region to the circulation of the country, which is really important. The Cuha Valley became one of Hungary’s tourist destinations.


The main elements of the 800 m2 Visitor Center of Pannon Observatory are: astronomical telescope park, digital planetarium, and historical exhibitions of astronomy and space.

Castle of Döbrönte – Szarvaskő

Bakonybél-Borostyán-well (Holy Well)


Esterházy Castle

The castle is in the centre of Pápa on the Main Square, behind the Great Church.

Museum of Blue Dyeing

The museum opened in 1962 to the public. It introduces the workshop of the former Kluge company giving an insight into the mysteries of this profession.úzeum

Scientific collections of the Transdanubian Reformed Church District


Wine Tour

Somló Mountain

The reputation of the Somló wine once rivaled the reputation of the Tokaj wine. The wine of Somló is made exclusively of white grapes. The most common varieties in the wine region are Welschriesling, Juhfark, Furmint, Hárslevelű and Tramini.